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Callisto Protocol's Contagion Bundle adds new death animations next week

A grave affair.

If you haven't had your fill of seeing all the many weird and wonderful ways that protagonist Jacob Lee (and, of course, all of those pesky enemies) can die in The Callisto Protocol, I have good news. The game's upcoming Contagion Bundle will add 14 new ways for this to happen. Sorry Jacob!

As previously announced, The Callisto Protocol's Contagion Bundle will add a permadeath mode to the game when it releases on 14th March. It will also see the addition of the Watchtower Skin Collection.

In the meantime, if you are yet to experience all of the death animations that came with The Callisto Protocol's launch, you can check out Zoe's extensive video cataloguing them below. May I recommend finding a cushion to hide behind before hitting play.

Cover image for YouTube videoEVERY Death Animation in The Callisto Protocol - PS5 CALLISTO PROTOCOL GAMEPLAY DEATH SCENES
He chose the road death traveled.

This is not the first new content to come to The Callisto Protocol. Back in January, a New Game Plus mode was added to the game. There are also more updates, including new story content, due to make their way to the game over the coming months.

Eurogamer awarded The Callisto Protocol with a Recommended badge on its release.

Here, Vikki acknowledged that while "Dead Space comparisons [were] impossible to avoid" she felt it made up for some of the missing tension "with production value and bloody-minded fun."

"It's not anywhere near as scary as I was expecting," she wrote. "But if you, like me, are coming into The Callisto Protocol thinking it's a shallow facsimile of Dead Space? Well, [it's] not quite."