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Warframe's long-awaited cross-play launches today for PC and consoles

But cross-save "still in development".

Developer Digital Extremes has announced the long-awaited arrival of cross-play support for its free-to-play sci-fi shooter Warframe, meaning Tenno on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC can finally join forces wherever they may be.

Cross-play was initially announced during Digital Extremes' TennoCon fan event in July 2021, with the developer saying it hoped to launch the feature before the end of that year. It obviously missed that target and then some, but, 12 months later, cross-play is finally here.

"Warframe will always be a game best played and enjoyed with friends and that's why launching Cross Platform Play is such an incredible moment for us," Digital Extremes' chief operating officer Sheldon Carter said in a statement announcing the news. "Together with our partners, we have broken down the walls that have prevented our players from experiencing the thrill of Warframe as one united community."

Warframe - Cross Platform Play Available Now.Watch on YouTube

Cross-play is entirely optional, and can enabled and disabled as required. With the feature on, an icon representing a player's platform will be displayed next to their name, and they'll be able to chat, join squads, and meet in Relays and Dojos with Tenno on other systems. Digital Extremes notes cross-play VoIP chat features will be added at a later date.

Also missing from today's update is cross-save, which was announced alongside cross-play last year. Digital Extremes says its Cross Platform Save feature - which it describes as an "optional service for players to migrate their progress from one platform to another" - is still in the works. More information will be released as development progresses.

Today's cross-play launch follows the release of Warframe's Lua's Prey update earlier this week, introducing two story-based Conjunction Survival missions and the Voruna Warframe, designed by comic book artist Joe "Mad" Madureira. Lua's Prey serves as a "light prequel" to Warfarme's delayed The Duviri Paradox expansion, which is now expected to arrive next year.

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