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Warframe's ambitious The Duviri Paradox expansion arrives in April

And TennoCon 2023 gets a date.

Warframe's ambitious The Duviri Paradox expansion - which was originally slated to arrive last year before getting delayed into 2023 - is finally almost upon us, with developer Digital Extremes having now confirmed it'll be launching this April. And while you've got your diary out, it's also announced a date for this year's TennoCon so you might as well jot that down too.

The Duviri Paradox, if you've not been keeping up with the news, introduces Warframe's fourth open-world area - following the Plains of Eidolon, Orb Vallis, and the Cambrian Drift - and plunges players into the fantasy-western-themed world of Duviri, most notable for the fact it exists inside the mind of the expansion's new big bad, Dominus Thrax.

Beyond its distinctive setting, The Duviri Paradox also features a striking stark black and white aesthetic (with the world slowly blooming into full colour over time), a new rewind-on-death mechanic that sees Digital Extremes "flirting with rogue-like elements", and, for good measure, a fancy skeletal horse steed.

Warframe: The Duviri Paradox - Official Cinematic Teaser.Watch on YouTube

As explained in Warframe's latest developer stream, The Duviri Paradox will be playable in three distinct modes: a solo narrative experience aptly titled The Lone Story; The Circuit, which is described as a "new Warframe Only endless game mode"; a "full open-world adventure" known as The Duviri Experience. Players can also explore a new area referred to as The Undercroft, housing custom Warframe arenas for battling old and new enemies, where the expansion's perk-like Decrees system can be used.

Digital Extremes' previous announcement listed The Duviri Paradox's revised release window as a vague "2023", but the developer has now narrowed that down further (while stopping short of revealing an actual release date), confirming it'll arrive this April. And to celebrate the announcement, there's a new cinematic trailer to tide Tenno over.

In other Warframe news, Digital Extremes has announced a date for this year's fan-focused TennoCon event, which will be held on Saturday, 26th August at the RBC convention centre in Ontario, Canada. It'll be a special one for a number of reasons: TennoCon 2023 marks the return to an in-person event format after several years of digital-only offerings due to COVID, and it arrives as Warframe celebrates its tenth birthday and Digital Extremes turns 30.

Digital Extremes will be sharing more on TennoCon 2023 in its 10-Year Warframe Anniversary Stream, airing Wednesday, 22nd March 7pm GMT/2pm ET on Twitch.