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2nd December 2013

Warframe review

You can (kind of) play Guitar Hero in Warframe now

It's the mashup you didn't dare dream was possible.

FeatureWarframe developer on avoiding crunch: "it's not a sprint, it's a marathon"

"If we were a different game we'd be on Warframe 3 or 4 already."

Warframe's Empyrean expansion promises Star Wars-style co-op missions

Digital Extremes shows off Railjack, story trailers and the Duviri Paradox at TennoCon.

Warframe's Nightwave is a new series of pirate-radio-themed limited-time events

Out now, with 30 tiers of Battle-Pass-style rewards.

Digital FoundryWarframe on Switch: Panic Button delivers another tech showpiece

The developer's run of superb conversions continues.

Warframe's massive open-world Fortuna expansion arrives on PC this week

UPDATE: Coming to Xbox One and PS4 next week.

Warframe bug lets players run around in space

Houston, we have a problem.

Free-to-play sci-fi shooter Warframe is coming to Switch

Being handled by Doom porting team Panic Button.

Warframe's big open-world expansion is out next week on PC

UPDATE: Finally comes to consoles next week.

Warframe Chains of Harrow update arrives on PS4 and Xbox One

Better than Chains of Croydon I suppose.

Warframe gets huge new PC update The War Within

UPDATE: Scheduled for PS4, Xbox One in December.

Free-to-play shooter Warframe now available on Xbox One

With an 89.99 in-game currency and mods pack.

Chinese MMO house Perfect World buying Warframe developer

In collaboration with a chicken meat factory.

Warframe review

No such thing as a free launch.