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Warframe's Angels of the Zariman update out April, adds customisable space apartments

Plus new story content, social hub, and missions.

Last year ended on a high for Warframe as developer Digital Extremes unleashed The New War - the free-to-play sci-fi shooter's biggest story expansion yet - and, following a well-earned exhale, the studio is back next month with the first big update of 2022, Angels of the Zariman.

Angels of the Zariman is a many faceted thing but core to the experience is the latest instalment in Warframe's ongoing Cinematic Quest saga - the single-player, story driven portion of the game that now includes around 30 hours of content - this one picking up after the events of The New War, taking players to the Zariman Ten Zero, an Orokin ship, crucial to Warframe lore, that vanished during a Void-Jump accident.

While Angels of the Zariman's new single-player story quest is smaller in scope compared to The New War, there's a heap of new additions arriving alongside it, expanding Warframe's already dizzying feature list out even further. It does, for instance, introduce Chrysalith, a new social hub onboard the Zariman that will be accessible upon completing the new story quest, bringing a range of new NPCs and related side missions and objectives.

Cover image for YouTube videoWarframe | Angels of the Zariman - Official First Look
Warframe - Angels of the Zariman - Official First Look.

Additionally, three new mission types - Void Flood, Void Cascade, and Void Armageddon - will be available from the Star Chart or Chrysalith's Bounty NPC once the story quest is done, and Digital Extremes says these procedural missions can be accessed seamlessly from the new social hub without load screens. Void Flood, an endless mission type with a focus on parkour, got an airing in the developer's latest livestream if you're curious to learn more.

Elsewhere, there's Gyre - a new electricity-themed Warframe that brings the total number of Warframes up to 49 - as well as new customisation options in the form of purchasable and earnable Void Shell skins (enabling players to add textures to each tint on their Warframe), plus new weapons that will 'evolve' by completing challenges in-game.

Cover image for YouTube videoWarframe Devstream 160: Angels of the Zariman Preview, Gyre Reveal, Garuda Prime & More
Warframe Devstream 160 - Angels of the Zariman Preview.

Additionally (and I readily admit this is the bit I'm most excited about), players will gain access to their own personal, customisable apartment aboard the Zariman upon completing the main story mission, giving them the tools needed to "create a one-of-a-kind home in space they can decorate as they wish". Plus, you can even change the view from the ship window.

Alongside all that, Angels of Zariman brings a variety of core tweaks and improvements, including a rework of Warframe's Eximus enemies and Focus system, plus - finally! - new dog hair tech for Kubrows, making them look like actual animals and not some sort of papercraft disaster at long last. Check out Digital Extremes' latest blog post for more details.

All the above arrives in April, but, ahead of that, a new Nightwave season has just gone live, along with tweaks to the Garuda Warframe and Augments.