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Warframe's biggest story expansion so far The New War arrives this December

Releasing simultaneously on all platforms.

The New War, free-to-play sci-fi shooter Warframe's highly anticipated new story expansion will launch simultaneously on all platforms this December, Digital Extremes has announced.

Unveiled during this year's TennoCon fan event (but teased back in 2018), The New War is described as Warfare's "biggest narrative expansion...so far", telling the story of a massive Sentient invasion from the perspective of multiple playable characters - including a Grineer Lancer called Kahl-175, Corpus engineer Veso, and Conclave Master Teshin. Digital Extremes has previously called The New War, the "most ambitious thing we've done".

"After countless years biding their time since the collapse of the Orokin Empire," explains the developer, "the Sentients have mustered a full-scale invasion force and are prepared to conquer a shattered and divided Origin System. Discover your power within and take control of new characters, weapons and a brand-new Warframe as you wage war across the stars."

Warframe - The New War Reveal Trailer.

Some of The New War's action - which will include new locations, mechanics, and gear - can be seen in Digital Extremes' 30-minute gameplay video (below) shared during TennoCon in July.

Ahead of The New War's arrival, Digital Extremes is, for the very first time, unvaulting some of its older top-tier Prime Warframes and their associated weapons as part of the Prime Resurgence event, giving players a limited window in which to either acquire them using a new in-game resource known as Aya, earnable by completing missions, or immediately using Regal Aya.

The New War - Full 30-Minute Gameplay Demo.

A new set of Prime weapons and Warframes will be rotated in on a weekly basis starting on 16th November and running all the way into January as follows:

  • 16th November - Mag & Nova
  • 23rd November - Limbo & Trinity
  • 30th November - Mesa & Hydroid
  • 7th December - Volt & Loki
  • 14th December - Vauban & Ash
  • 21st December - Oberon & Nekros
  • 28th December - Valkyr & Saryn
  • 4th January - Ember & Frost
  • 11th January - Last Chance Part 1
  • 18th January - Last Chance Part 2

Digital Extremes is yet to share an exact date for The New War's arrival but will be holding a special developer livestream via Twitch on 30th November at 3pm in the UK/7am PT. The centrepiece of the livestream, as revealed so far, will be the release of a full cinematic trailer for The New War, but it wouldn't be entirely surprising to see a final launch date at the same time.

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