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Warframe's Lua's Prey update adds new survival challenges and Joe-Mad-designed Voruna

Out today on all platforms.

Warframe's highly anticipated The Duviri Paradox expansion might be delayed, but today brings a little something new to tide players over until its arrival next year, courtesy of the survival-based Lua's Prey update, available now on all platforms.

"As The Void exposes ancient scars and long-forgotten secrets," developer Digital Extremes says of its latest update, "something sinister rumbles on Lua as the Grineer descend upon these newly exposed halls seeking possible treasure, corrupted by its long-dormant Orokin Neural Sentry. Under the guidance of The Lotus, the Tenno embark on a mission to investigate this destroyed piece of Lua formerly used to monitor Void Conjunctions."

Lua's Prey serves as a "light prequel" to The Duviri Paradox, adding two new story-based Conjunction Survival missions featuring thematic teasers for next year's expansion. These can be located at two newly added Lua nodes - Yuvarium and Circulus - and challenge players to maintain Life Support in the usual way. The twist, though, is that a Thrax enemy will spawn after every successful Survival round, increasing Life Support depletion by 50% while it remains alive, and requiring players to summon their Necramechs in order to defeat it.

Warframe - Lua's Prey Official Launch Trailer.Watch on YouTube

Lua's Prey also ushers in the start of Nora's Mix Vol. 3 - Warframe's latest battle-pass-style progression season - plus a range of new cosmetics, and the game's 51st Warframe, Voruna. Designed by comic book artist Joe "Mad" Madureira, Voruna is a "monstrous beauty", made up of four wolf-like beasts sharing one heart.

Her Shroud of Dynar ability makes her invisible and boosts her speed, with invisibility ending as soon as she attacks. However, if Voruna manages to land a successful melee attack, she'll enjoy increased Critical Damage and Status Chance, inflicting Bleed, for a short time, and the buff can be extended with another successful strike.

Her second ability, Fangs of Raksh, applies five random status effects at 10 stacks each onto an enemy, with the status effects spreading to nearby opponents when the first dies. Lycath's Hunt, meanwhile, causes enemies to drop health when they're eliminated with melee attacks or to drop energy when finished with headshots. The duration of Lycath's Hunt can be extended by eliminating enemies with five or more Status Effects

Finally, there's Ulfrun's Descent, causing Voruna to drop to all fours, ready to unleash five charges that lock onto enemies. Damage increases if targets and nearby enemies are inflicted by status effects, and lethal attacks double the impact of Voruna's remaining charges.

Voruna and Warframe's new Conjunction Survival missions are available now on all platforms as part of today's Lua's Prey update.