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Warframe's The Duviri Paradox expansion delayed into 2023

But a mini prequel's on its way.

Warframe's ambitious The Duviri Paradox expansion has been delayed into 2023 - but there're still a couple of treats heading to the free-to-play sci-fi shooter before the end of the year, including a mini prequel going by the name of Lua's Prey.

The Duviri Paradox is Warframe's latest open-world expansion - following the likes of Plains of Eidolon and Heart of Deimos - and plunges players into the extremely weird world of Duviri, a fantasy-western-themed kingdom existing inside the mind of new big bad Dominus Thrax. More striking, though - and there's a lot of eye-catching stuff, from its stark black and white aesthetic to its skeletal horse steed - is its new rewind-on-death mechanic that sees developer Digital Extremes "flirting with rogue-like elements".

It's intriguing stuff then, but while The Duviri Paradox was initially due to launch some time in "winter 2022", Digital Extremes has now confirmed it's pushing the expansion's release back into 2023. The studio didn't offer much on the reason behind the delay, only saying it was "to deliver the best experience possible."

Cover image for YouTube videoTennoCon 2022 | The Duviri Paradox | Full 20-Minute Gameplay Demo
The Duviri Paradox - Full 20-Minute Gameplay Demo.

While Warframe fans will need to wait a little bit longer for The Duviri Paradox, Digital Extremes is filling the newly created void at the end of 2022 with a couple of newly announced additions, including the Lua's Prey mini expansion, which arrives on all platforms "this winter".

Serving as a "light prequel" to The Duviri Paradox, Lua's Prey sees players venturing into a destroyed piece of the Earth's moon to investigate a sinister entity. It adds two new survival missions with Necramech components, plus new cosmetics including Void Shell and Deluxe skins. It'll also introduce the new wolf-inspired Warframe, Voruna, designed in collaboration with comic book artist and game developer Joe Madureira.

But first, there's the Echoes of Veilbreaker update, bringing various overhauls, additions, and quality of life tweaks to September's Veilbreaker update. Arriving next week, it includes reworks for Void Sabotage bosses Venk'ra and Sprag - introducing new fight mechanics in Kahl's weekly missions alongside an aesthetic update - as well as a new Skaut landing craft. There's also a new Ostron Cove room for Dojos, and 200 Ostron-themed decorations.

Warframe's Echoes of the Veilbreaker arrives on all platforms next Wednesday, 2nd November.