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Warframe's digital-only TennoCon 2021 fan event dated for July

Promises game reveals, dev panels, and more.

Digital Extremes has confirmed this year's TennoCon - Warframe's annual focal point for game announcements and community activities - will be held on Saturday, 17th July.

As was the case last year, TennoCon 2021 will be a digital-only event in response to ongoing COVD-19 health restrictions, but Digital Extremes is still aiming to make a proper day of it with a whole range of events set to be held - and streamed - throughout the day.

Alongside the usual content reveals, the studio is promising in-game activities, developer panels, a community art show, a cosplay contest, and more. All this will entirely free to watch online, but, for those wanting to fling some money in Digital Extremes' direction, the developer is launching two premium TennoCon 2021 packs to coincide with today's announcement.

Warframe - Call of the Tempestarii Trailer.

The Tennocon 2021 Digital Pack costs £16.99/$24.99 USD and features a range of exclusive in-game cosmetics - include a sigil, ship display, armour, and emote - while the Merch Pack costs $44.99 USD (around £32) and is focussed on physical items, including a pin, shirt, lanyard, and acrylic charm. A bundle of both, priced at $64.99 USD, is also available for purchase.

Digital Extremes notes it'll also be making a donation to Canada's Unity Project - which provides "emergency shelter and supportive housing for adults and youth of all genders who are struggling to escape and avoid homelessness" - as part of TennoCon 2021.

It's a safe bet Digital Extremes will be revealing what's next for Warframe at the show, following the recent release of the game's Call of the Tempestarii expansion, but a full schedule of events for TennoCon 2021 will be published "soon".

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