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The Callisto Protocol developer "listening" to fan complaints, as console patches go live

UPDATE: Another PC update is now available, devs still "working hard to further optimise performance".

UPDATE 07/12/22: Following on from the weekend's PC patch for The Callisto Protocol, the team at Striking Distance has released another one. This update will improve "PSO caching" and "further [reduce] any stuttering issues" users may be experiencing.

Reiterating what it said earlier in the week, the developer assured players it's "listening to your feedback". The Callisto Protocol director also Glen Schofield echoed this sentiment, saying "we hear you".

Meanwhile, further PC and console optimisations are "in the works now", with the The Callisto Protocol team asking everyone to "stay tuned" for more information.

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ORIGINAL STORY 05/12/2022: Striking Distance has released a new patch for The Callisto Protocol's console versions. This follows on from its PC patch, which was released over the weekend.

This console patch is set to take aim at the various frame-rate and crashing issues that have been widely reported since the game's release last Friday.

"We are listening, working hard on updates, and will have details to share on more upcoming improvements early this week," the developer wrote before thanking everyone for their ongoing patience.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Callisto Protocol - The DF Tech Review + PS5 vs Xbox Series X/ S + PC #StutterStruggle Analysis
The Callisto Protocol gets the Digital Foundry treatment.

In a follow-up tweet, it went on to state that, despite how it may have appeared thus far, ray-traced shadows in The Callisto Protocol "are supported" and "look great on Xbox Series X". Striking Distance has assured everyone that the team is "aware of the issues with ray-traced reflections", and stated we will hear more on this particular gripe "this week".

Meanwhile, director Glen Schofield tweeted "we hear you" in response to this latest update for The Callisto Protocol.

"We want you to play the game as intended," he wrote.

Digital Foundry has tested The Callisto Protocol on all its current-gen release platforms. The team noted that the PC version at launch was "almost unplayable" while the Xbox Series consoles "have issues".

"The Xbox Series X version of the game should be a great way to play alongside the generally flawless PS5 version, but right now that's unfortunately not the case," John wrote.

Eurogamer gave The Callisto Protocol a Recommended badge on its release, with Vikki calling the game "Dead Space in fancy threads".

"Ultimately, the Callisto Protocol's frenzied action and brutal battles have still impressed me in all the right ways, drawing on all that makes Dead Space brilliant and building upon that impressive framework," she wrote. Vikki reviewed The Callisto Protocol on a PS5 and experienced no issues during her playthrough.