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How to make fruitcake in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Learn the recipe to this festive dessert.

Fruitcake was added to Disney Dreamlight Valley during its holiday 2022 festive update.

You can make it as a gift, as part of orders in Remy's restaurant, and for certain questlines and Dreamlight Duties. To help with your cooking needs, we've detailed exactly how to make fruitcake in Disney Dreamlight Valley below.

For more help navigating the holiday update, we've got pages on how to get Stitch, festive fish, and how to make boba tea, yule logs, and a gingerbread house.

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How to make fruitcake in Disney Dreamlight Valley

It can be hard to work out what exactly goes into fruitcake if you don't already have the recipe. You might need to make it as a gift, for a meal in Remy's restaurant, as part of a quest, or just want to complete your meals collection.

For those that don't have the recipe, here's how to make fruitcake in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

  • 1 Wheat
  • 3 Fruit

You can mix and match any fruit, or use three of the same kind to make fruitcake.

Remember, you also need coal and at least one space in your inventory to make a dish.

Once you've made fruitcake, you can go to 'Recipes' next time, from the top left-hand corner while cooking, then select the fruitcake recipe and press 'Autofill' to automatically add ingredients to the pot as long as you have them.

You might want to avoid autofilling if you have some fruits that take a while to grow back, however, as it might use them for the fruitcake recipe.

Where to find ingredients to make fruitcake in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can get wheat or wheat seeds for the fruitcake from Goofy's stall in the Peaceful Meadow biome. The three fruit can be of any kind. We even mixed a coconut, lemon, and banana together and it worked. However, the easiest fruit to use will be apples and raspberries, as they're common at the starting biomes.

Go to Goofy's stall in Peaceful Meadows if you need some quick wheat.

Apples can be foraged from apple trees in the Plaza and Forgotten Lands biomes, and raspberries are foraged from bushes in the Plaza and Peaceful Meadow biomes.

For more cooking help, check out our recipe list, which includes how to make boba tea, bouillabaisse and crudites and fish sandwiches.

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