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How to get festive fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Prepare for more waiting.

Festive fish were added to the Disney Dreamlight Valley collection menu during its holiday 2022 festive update.

Unfortunately, you can't get festive fish yet to complete special holiday tasks like 'Even Fish Are Festive', 'Ho Ho Ho', or give as gifts to your villagers.

We do know when festive fish are coming, however, and how you'll get them, so we've put everything we know about how to get festive fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley below.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley – Missions in Uncharted Space Update Trailer.

For more help navigating the holiday update, we've got pages on how to get Stitch, and how to make fruitcake, boba tea, and yule logs.

When are festive fish coming to Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Thanks to the brave player u/ValleyBilz on the DreamlightValley subreddit setting their system clock forward we know that festive fish are coming to Disney Dreamlight Valley on Sunday, 18th December.

It can be a little annoying when a villager asks for a festive fish as a gift right now, but we strongly advise that you don't time travel by jumping your system clock forward to get the festive fish. This can mess with your game save when you set it back, like not spawning resources.

With thanks to the same time traveller, we also know where you'll be able to get the festive fish when they do become available on the 18th December.

Disney Dreamlight Valley's December update is here! You can now add Jack Skellington to your valley, use multiplayer and remove villagers. For more help, check out our recipe list, how to upgrade your house, have multiple player homes, critters' favourite foods and redemption codes. Finally, don't forget to visit our future and current character list to see who might be visiting the valley next!

How to get festive fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

When they become available, festive fish will appear in the water as green and red bubbles. You just catch each one in their biome like normal, but u/ValleyBilz on the DreamlightValley subreddit also noted that festive fish can't be sold, and you can only catch one of each type per day.

We do know from the in-game collection menu where each of these new fish will spawn. So here's where to catch every variety of festive fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

  • Festive Anglerfish - Forgotten Lands
  • Festive Bass - Peaceful Meadow
  • Festive Fugu - Dazzle Beach
  • Festive Salmon - Sunlit Plateau
  • Festive Squid - Glade of Trust

Remember, look out for the red and green bubbles to indicate you'll get a festive fish from casting your rod there!

We've also got a recipe list and current and future characters list if you need more help in the valley.

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