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How to make crudites and fish sandwiches in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to cook these two meals and further the 'Missing Minnie' quest.

You need to make crudités and fish sandwiches in Disney Dreamlight Valley as part of the 'Missing Minnie' quest in order to go on a picnic with Mickey Mouse.

Making crudités and fish sandwiches in Disney Dreamlight Valley will not only further your quest in search for the missing Minnie Mouse, but will also help raise your friendship level with Mickey, opening up new quests with him, and giving you rewards - including x300 Dreamlight, and an upgrade to your blue Energy bar.

It's not obvious what crudités are, or what ingredients you need to make them if you aren't already familiar with the picnic dish, so we've detailed the exact recipe below, along with how to make fish sandwiches.

If you're looking for more things to cook, our recipes list can help.

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How to make crudités in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You don't need to find its recipe to make crudités, as you can experiment with any ingredient in the game as soon as you have them, which unlocks its recipe for you, as well as making the dish and adding it to your inventory.

What are crudités? It's name is really just a fancier way of describing chopped vegetables. So, to make crudités in Disney Dreamlight Valley you just need to cook one vegetable at a stove. Carrots and the carrot seeds used to grow them will be the easiest vegetable to come across in the beginning of the game, so we recommend using them.

Put one vegetable in a pot to make crudités.

Although Mickey wants you to make five crudités, don't put five vegetables in the pot at once, as this will still only make one dish. Instead, you'll have to add one vegetable to your pot to make one crudite at a time.

You have to make five crudités to progress with the 'Missing Minnie' quest.

Coal is also needed to cook any dish in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so if you've ran out, take that pickaxe tool and destroy any of the grey or black rocks you see and you'll soon be picking up a lot of coal.

Disney Dreamlight Valley's December update is here! You can now add Jack Skellington to your valley, use multiplayer and remove villagers. For more help, check out our recipe list, how to upgrade your house, have multiple player homes, critters' favourite foods and redemption codes. Finally, don't forget to visit our future and current character list to see who might be visiting the valley next!

How to make fish sandwiches in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Just like with crudités, you don't need a recipe to start making this - or any - dish, so to make fish sandwiches in Disney Dreamlight Valley you just need to add one fish and one wheat at a stove.

Put one fish and one wheat in a pot to make fish sandwiches.

Remember, don't add multiple fish and wheat ingredients to a dish in order to make multiple dishes at a time, as this won't work and you'll just be wasting ingredients to make one dish instead.

To get fish for the sandwiches, you just need to go fishing at one of the many fishing spots in the game, including the early 'Peaceful Meadow' area where Goofy and Merlin live. Look out for the bubbles on the surface of the water and cast a line with your fishing rod to quickly get a bite from a fish.

You can get wheat from using wheat seeds and growing it yourself by using your shovel to dig and make a planting spot, or you can sometimes buy wheat from Goofy's shop - but he's not guaranteed to be selling it every day. You'll need two wheat to make the two fish sandwiches Mickey wants for the picnic.

Check Goofy's shop if you need wheat.

Once you've made two fish sandwiches and five crudite meals in Disney Dreamlight Valley, take them to Mickey in order to start the picnic and further your search for the missing Minnie Mouse.

If you need more help with recipes, check out our guide on how to make ratatouille.

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