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Fire Emblem Engage will let you polish your rings

And lots more in the Somniel.

A new gameplay trailer for Fire Emblem Engage has been released by Nintendo, detailing new home base the Somniel.

Fully explorable, it's here that players will prepare for battle, date allies, and polish rings.

The Somniel will work similarly to the The Garreg Mach Monastery in Three Houses, with some familiar features.

Fire Emblem Engage - Welcome to the Somniel.Watch on YouTube

Collecting rings is the main feature of Fire Emblem Engage, with each ring relating to a past character from the series and providing new abilities.

In the Ring Chamber of the Somnium, players can view the rings they've collected and communicate with emblems to inherit skills, create and meld together bond rings to receive a boost to stats, and "deepen your bonds with emblems by polishing their rings after they've been tarnished in battle".

Remember to polish your ring firmly.

Preparing for battle will also entail purchasing new equipment in the armoury, entering training battles to gain experience, or testing skills in the Tower of Trials. You can even create and share your own battle map with other players.

No Fire Emblem would be complete without relationships and it's in the Somniel players will get to know allies and share a meal at Café Terrace.

Elsewhere, players can look after animals at the farmyard (and the mysterious Sommie creature), purchase clothes at the boutique so you can "slay in style", work out to temporarily boost stats, go fishing, tell fortunes, or go wyvern riding for a shoot-em-up minigame.

Lastly you can rest up in your room, although beware characters may wake you up in the morning. The last thing I need is an overly cheery wake up call first thing.

Fire Emblem Engage is due for release on 20th January, exclusively on Switch.

Overly cheery wake up call in Fire Emblem Engage
This is the last thing I'd want in the morning.