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The new Fire Emblem protagonist is raising some eyebrows

That hair does not look minty fresh.

Fire Emblem Engage was announced earlier this week and fans have been reacting to the new protagonist.

According to the official Nintendo website, you'll play as Alear "who awakens a thousand years after the war [between Elyos and the Fell Dragon] with no memory of their past".

Perhaps that's the in-game explanation for the odd fashion choices for Alear, then.

Cover image for YouTube videoFire Emblem Engage - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Direct 9.13.2022
Fire Emblem Engage announcement trailer.

Alear has a very distinct blue and red colour palette. From the two-toned hair, to the two-toned clothes, to the two-toned heterochromatic eyes... They definitely stand out from the rest of the cast for their anime-heavy design, and that's saying something when they're in a Fire Emblem game.

Fire Emblem Engage
This is not a particularly difficult game of spot the odd one out.

It turns out Alear was designed by Mika Pikazo, an artist who is known for designing plenty of VTubers.

Alear has been getting some unfortunate comparisons from fans, namely toothpaste and Pepsi.

I'd like to see a Terry's Chocolate Orange inspired design next, please!