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Nintendo announces brand new Fire Emblem game

Engage due out next year.

Nintendo has announced Fire Emblem Engage, a brand new game in the series, at its latest Direct.

The game is set for release on Switch on 20th January 2023.

More details are expected to be revealed soon. Check out a first look in the trailer below.

Fire Emblem Engage – Announcement Trailer

This is the same Fire Emblem game that was detailed back in the summer in leaks which Eurogamer verified as legitimate at the time.

Gameplay will be the same turn-based combat the series is known for.

It will feature a hero with red and blue hair and a new gimmick that allows them to wear accessories that can summon Fire Emblem characters from previous games.

That's in-line with its reported origins as an anniversary game of sorts.

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Fire Emblem Engage

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