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Fire Emblem Engage Supports, including romance options and how to unlock Support conversations explained

Here’s how to unlock new Support levels in Fire Emblem Engage, and how to romance your companions.

Fire Emblem Engage doesn’t just resurrect a tonne of old characters for a new bout - it also brings back Support levels to let you grow closer to your allies over the course of the game.

In this guide to Fire Emblem Engage Support levels, we’ll be walking you through how to level up Support ranks, what the Support rewards are, and whether there’s any romance options.

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Fire Emblem Engage - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Direct 9.13.2022

Fire Emblem Engage Support conversations explained

Fire Emblem has long had Support links with characters, and they’re back in Engage. Simply put, a Support level represents your emotional connection to a character, and how you know them and relate to them on a personal level.

All of your allies in Fire Emblem Engage have a Bond level relating to protagonist Alear. As Alear grows closer to their allies (more on that below), they’ll progress through new Support levels with each, unlocking brand new conversations that reveal new details about said characters in the process.

Basically, if you want to get to know Fire Emblem Engage’s characters on a more personal level, outside of just ordering them around on the battlefield, look to the Support conversations. It’s here that you can engage in conversations with your friends, discovering new details about their personalities and what they like and dislike, for example.

The entire game becomes a hell of a lot more compelling if you’re willing to put the time into levelling up your Supports with characters, and so we simply can’t recommend it enough.

How to unlock Support conversations in Fire Emblem Engage

But as for how to actually level up your Support rank with characters, there’s a few ways to go about it. Firstly, it’s worth pointing out each character starts out with their Support level as unranked with Alear. After this, you can unlock Support levels C, B, A, and finally S with characters.

To level up an ally’s bond level with Alear, you’ll want to undertake activities with them at Somniel. The main source of levelling up an ally’s Support rank is to invite them to dine with you in the Cafe Terrace area of Somniel. Simply approach the desk at the back of the room to get started.

Talk to whichever character is working as the cook that day behind the desk (characters switch out with each other periodically), and select the 'OPTION.' Now you’ll be faced with a menu whereby you can choose two allies to share a meal with. Keep in mind the available characters can change here, based on who you unlock as an ally throughout Fire Emblem Engage.

After you’ve selected two friends to cook for, you’ll be taken to a menu with dishes you can cook up for them. Different allies have different tastes, so you’ll have to pick a dish that pleases both the friends you’ve chosen, just one of them, or even zero of them at all, depending on the ingredients you’ve got available at the time.

This is the main method of levelling up Bond ranks with characters in Fire Emblem Engage. Aside from this though, you can approach any character in Somniel and give them a gift, and it goes without saying that you’ll want to give a gift to an ally that appeals specifically to their tastes.

If a character likes working out, for example, you’ll want to check the description of a gift item in your Convoy inventory page, and find someone to give it to who likes training. Pay attention to which characters are positioned where around Somniel - Alfred can usually be found near the Training area, so we can infer he’ll like a training-related gift, that’ll subsequently boost his Support rank with Alear.

Additionally, you can also position allies next to one another on the battlefield to boost their Support level. If Boucheron is positioned adjacent to Alear, for example, and the latter character performs an action like attacking an enemy or healing an ally, the Support rank between the two characters will increase because they were positioned next to each other when the action took place.

Fire Emblem Engage Support conversation rewards

We’re going to be entirely up front here: there are no actual rewards for progressing Bond levels with characters in Fire Emblem Engage. Once a Support conversation with a character has played out, you’ll be dropped back in Somniel, with no actual items or any item-related rewards to show for it.

This is because Fire Emblem Engage’s Bond system is specifically geared to play up the emotional and character-based strengths of each character, rather than doling out rewards for each time you converse with them. This might be disappointing for some players, but it’s an important detail to note nonetheless.

Are there romance options in Fire Emblem Engage?

Yes, romance options return in Fire Emblem Engage. We mentioned above that the final Support level for a character is the S rank, and it’s at this special, highest level that protagonist Alear can romance characters.

Simply put, all you need to do to romance a character is increase their Support level to rank S. Once you’ve achieved the level, you can bestow a special item called a 'Pact Ring' upon a character to romance them. However, there’s a catch here, as although every character can achieve that final level, not every character in Fire Emblem Engage actually opens up to the player for romance.

Talking to Alfred in Fire Emblem Engage.
Image credit: Nintendo

Only a select number of characters have an explicit romance option in Fire Emblem Enage. These are Citrinne, Lapis, Panette, Chloe, Merrin, Ivy, Alfred, Louis, Jade, Bunet, Seadall, Diamant, and Kagetsu (please note we have excluded some romance options here for spoiler purposes). These are the only characters in Engage who have explicit romantic stories available once you reach rank S with them.

It’s really important to note your choice of Alear’s gender has no bearing on these romance options. You can simply romance whoever you want, whether that’s explicitly a gay or lesbian romance, because Intelligent Systems doesn’t lock players out of romance options should they choose male Alear over female Alear, or vice versa.

That’s it for our guide on Fire Emblem Engage’s Support levels, and everything relating to the crucial social mechanic in the strategy game.

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