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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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High on Life and the games that land a laugh


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In a rare twist on the Game of the Week formula here's a take on a high profile game that actually did come out this week - and to quite some reception, too. The reaction to High on Life has been mixed, it's fair to say, and it's certainly been vociferous - Edwin's spirited takedown of Squanch Games' noisy shooter has been one of our most popular reviews of the year, which goes to show you all love to see a proper shoeing.

The thing is, I think Edwin was quite kind to a game whose obnoxiousness is its calling card. Kinder than I might have been, anyway, after spending an evening in High on Life's company earlier this week which proved both dreary and draining. I've been a fan of Justin Roiland's frenzied brand of humour since the early days of Rick and Morty, but High on Life does more than prove how what works in a 20-minute episode is ill-suited to a 12 hour adventure - it shows how prescribed humour in games is never as effective as when you're the one powering the gag.

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