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Sifu gets replay editor and more in today's free autumn update

Out now on PC and PlayStation.

Sifu's previously teased free autumn update is now here, adding a nifty replay editor to developer Sloclap's acclaimed martial arts adventure on PC and PlayStation.

There's more too, but the replay editor is undoubtedly the star of the show, giving players the tools to turn their favourite takedowns into cinematic mini-masterpieces. There are options to adjust camera placement, for instance, to define lens parameters, choreograph camera movement, and even add effects including slo-mo and speed-ups.

You can get a taste of the tools available in Sloclap's autumn update trailer below.

Away from Sifu's new replay editor, today's update also introduces four new cheats and three new modifiers. These include Free Throw, allowing players to throw enemies at any time, and Vampire, which de-ages players whenever they defeat opponents. There's also Touch of Death, causing enemies to die on the first hit,

Sifu - Autumn Update Trailer.Watch on YouTube

Rounding out the update are various quality of life improvements - such as the option to reinstate dynamic takedown camera close-ups - plus two new outfits: the Wing Chun outfit, available in dark and light versions, plus the Stunt Double outfit for Deluxe Edition owners. Full patch notes can be found on Sloclap's website..

Today's cinematic blast of an update follows the news last week that Sifu is heading to the big screen in a live-action adaptation from John Wick writer Derek Kolstad.