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Sifu's autumn update will let you create your own takedown cam


Developer Sloclap has released some details on what is coming to kung-fu beat-em-up Sifu in its autumn update.

In August, Sifu received a beefy content update, which featured a new scoring system and modifiers which allowed players to customise the difficulty. Two new outfits were also added, and Slocap teased more to come in the autumn update.

Included in the roadmap for Sifu in the autumn update is the replay editor and additional modifiers. Slocap shared a brief look at the replay editor on the official Twitter account for Sifu.

Cover image for YouTube videoSifu | Summer 2022 Content Update Trailer | PS4, PS5 & PC
The trailer for Sifu's previous summer update.

The replay editor will allow players to capture their favourite moments and make their own mini action sequence. In the footage shared, the camera controls are shown. Settings such as focus distance and whether it should follow the player can be changed. The gameplay can be sped up or slowed down. Paired with the timeline editor, players will be able to create some cinematic shots.

Slocap has not announced when the free autumn update will be available, though has stated to players multiple times it's coming soon.