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Sifu getting new scoring system, more modifiers in next week's big update

Plus two new outfits.

Developer Sloclap has detailed Sifu's big summer update - which is set to bring the likes of a new scoring system and gameplay modifiers - ahead of its arrival next Wednesday, 31st August.

Top of the list of new additions for the kung-fu beat-'em-up is the aforementioned new scoring system, which will "take into account every punch, kick, sweep and finisher performed" in order to rank players based on smoothness, efficiency and variety. "Dismantle a group of enemies without getting hit," Sloclap adds, "and players will be greeted with a score worth flaunting."

Elsewhere, next week's update brings a range of modifiers designed to suit all tastes. At one end of the spectrum, struggling players will be able to significantly reduce Sifu's challenge by giving themselves the likes of infinite health, structure, and unbreakable weapons. Those looking to further test their mettle, however, can prevent themselves from picking up weapons and set enemies to ignore guarding, or go even further by reducing their character down to a single hit point and bumping enemy strength up even further.

Sifu - Summer Update Trailer.

Finally, Sifu's summer update adds two new outfits. All players will get access to the Master Hand - featuring a "sleek trench coat and a stylish hat" - while the Enforcer armour, which covers Sifu's protagonist in tactical equipment, will be exclusive to Deluxe Edition owners.

All this arrives on PlayStation and PC next Wednesday, 31st August.

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