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Sifu headed to Steam and Xbox in March 2023

Alongside Arenas update for all platforms.

Acclaimed martial arts adventure Sifu will arrive on Steam and Xbox consoles for the first time in March 2023, developer Sloclap has confirmed.

This version of the game will include a new Arenas mode, which will also arrive as a free update for PC via the Epic Games Store and on PlayStation at the same time.

Details of what this new offering will include are thin on the ground at the moment - a trailer for the update promises nine maps which will unlock new modifiers and alternate moves, additional cheats and fresh outfits. It sounds like they'll be worth playing!

Sifu's Arenas update.Watch on YouTube

The well-received Sifu has been kept updated since its launch on PC and PlayStation earlier this year. An autumn update recently added a nifty replay editor, plus more modifiers, cheats and outfits.

And if that wasn't enough, Sifu is also headed to the big screen courtesy of a screenplay by John Wick writer Derek Kolstad. This movie adaptation will reportedly stick with the game's kung fu-infused revenge plot and bizarre aging upon reincarnation twist.

"An elegant martial arts meditation on temporality and self-possession, set in a loving but touristy idea of China," Edwin wrote, recommending the game in Eurogamer's Sifu review. "This is a game about the punch-drunk unevenness of time, and the way that unevenness depends on the mind you bring to bear."

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