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Epic Games Store begins its festive freebie giveaway

On the first day of Christmas, Tim Sweeney gave to me...

As expected, the Epic Games Store is running its daily giveaway for Christmas once again.

Reliable Dealabs leaker billbil-kun had previously suggested the giveaway would occur at some point over the festive period, and Epic confirmed this year's freebies yesterday.

Similar to 2021, this year Epic is giving away 15 games for free, and the first can already be claimed!

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The first game up for grabs is Bloons TD 6, a tower defense strategy game from 2018. The game's had an update for the holidays which adds new maps, skins, and improvements. It's currently one of the top-rated games on Steam, if you wanted to know what the general consensus on it is.

There's only a few hours left to get Bloons TD 6 (at time of writing), as the next free game will be available from 4pm UK time. Be sure to add it to your library soon if you want it!

Last year, Epic gave away some bangers including Control, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, and Prey 2017. Make sure to check each day what's being given away, or yule miss out on some truly great games. The giveaway is running until 30th December, so one down, 14 to go!