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The Witcher Season 3 gives Henry Cavill's Geralt a "heroic sendoff", showrunner says


Henry Cavill as Geralt in Netflix's Witcher adaptation
Image credit: Netflix

Despite not being written intentionally this way, The Witcher's third season gives Henry Cavill's Geralt of Rivia a "heroic sendoff".

That's according to series creator and showrunner Lauren Hissrich. Talking to EW, Hissrich reflected on Cavill's time on the show, saying the team wanted to "honour that appropriately".

According to Hissrich, season three of The Witcher has taken inspiration from author Andrzej Sapkowski's fourth book, Time of Contempt.

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"What is so interesting is that season three, to me, is the closest thing that we've done as a one-to-one adaptation of the books," Hissrich revealed.

"Obviously, we can't do every page, but Time of Contempt gave us so many big action events, plot points, defining character moments, huge reveals of a big bad. There's so much to do that we were able to stick really, really closely with the books."

There's all sorts of speculation about Cavill's exit from The Witcher. Earlier this month, Hissrich disputed claims the show's writers "mocked the books", supposedly upsetting Cavill in the process. The furore began when writer Beau DeMayo - who's now working on X-Men '97 - said some of his colleagues in The Witcher's writing room "actively mocked" the source material written by Andrzej Sapkowski.

Hissrich continued to EW: "Geralt's big turn is about giving up neutrality and doing anything that he has to do to get to Ciri. And to me, it's the most heroic sendoff that we could have, even though it wasn't written to be that. Geralt has a new mission in mind when we come back to him in season four. He's a slightly different Geralt than we expected."

Acknowledging the irony of her words, as season four is set to feature a new Geralt with Liam Hemsworth taking over the role, Hissrich closed by stating: "by the way, that's an understatement."

Now many are wondering just how this heroic sendoff will play out. Will there be death? Will there be destruction? Will Geralt regenerate in the style of Dr. Who? I guess we will have to wait until summer to find out.

In the meantime, The Witcher spin-off Blood Origin, which explores the creation of the first prototype Witcher, launches on Netflix 25th December.

As for Cavill, following the end of his time with Netflix's The Witcher, he is off to Amazon, where the actor has signed a deal to bring Warhammer 40,000 to our television screens.

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