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Watch Dogs Legion is the next Ubisoft game heading to Steam

Listing confirms January release.

As Ubisoft's preferential treatment for the Epic Games Store continues to evaporate, yet another of the publisher's titles is making its way to Steam, with the reasonably well-recieved Watch Dogs Legion now pencilled in for a 23rd January release on Valve's platform.

This latest listings follows Ubisoft's announcement back in November that, having skipped Steam in favour of Epic and its own Ubisoft Connect since 2019, it would soon be bringing a select number of its games to Valve's storefront, starting with Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Anno 1800, and the free-to-play Roller Champions.

That initial line-up expanded by one last week with Immortals Fenyx Rising, and now Watch Dogs Legion's official January release brings Ubisoft's post-2019 Steam selection up to five.

7 Stupid Things You Can Do In Watch Dogs Legion.Watch on YouTube

But is Watch Dogs Legion - with its open-world recreation of London and its infinite, procedurally generated protagonsits - something Steam users should be excited for over two years after its initial release? Perhaps not, given that Eurogamer wasn't particularly convinced by the whole thing when it first arrived in 2020, calling it a "characterless slog".

"Yes, it's fun to pootle around London," wrote Eurogamer contributor Vikki Blake in her review, "and yes, I did enjoy it the more I played, particularly when I leapt off the predictable story path and made my own entertainment. But without a compelling story or any tangible improvements to the mighty standards set by Watch Dogs 2... it doesn't matter how many protagonists a game boasts if you're unable to care about a single one of them."

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