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Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead is a standalone zombies mode released in alpha for PC today

Story mode opening streamlined, plus new consoles get 60FPS option.

Ubisoft has surprise-released a zombie survival mode for Watch Dogs: Legion, and it is available to try today on PC.

Anyone with a PC copy of Watch Dogs: Legion will be able to nab Legion of the Dead via the Ubisoft Connect launcher. The survival-themed mode is still in alpha, and will come to consoles when it is ready to hit beta.

Cover image for YouTube videoLet's Play Watch Dogs Legion Co-op Online Gameplay - LONDON'S BURNING!

"In a London filled with zombies, Albion soldiers and Clan Kelley enforcers are hoarding valuable supplies that you must get your hands on to ensure the survival of your crew," Ubisoft explained in a blog post.

"No matter if you are going in solo, with friends or up to three other players via public matchmaking, you will have to be smart with your resources, your tactics and plan ahead to gather supplies, find power-ups and extract from London alive."

Each run will begin with a random survivor and gadget. Successful extractions will reward you with Z-Cred currency (and the more supplies you carry out, the more Z-Creds you'll get). This currency can then be spent on better gadgets and weapons for your next Legion of the Dead run.

In an FAQ on the mode, Ubisoft said Legion of the Dead was the work of the main Legion team, and the only place in Watch Dogs: Legion where zombies would appear. A Ubisoft-made game about zombies in London - whatever would U think of next!

Today also brings Watch Dogs: Legion's title update 4.5 for all platforms, which adds cross-family play (so Xbox One and Series X/S players can play together, as can PlayStation 4/PS5) as well as a 60FPS performance mode on current-gen consoles.

Intriguingly, Ubisoft mentions "several adjustments and optimisations to the start of the single player campaign" designed to speed up your path through some of London's earlier areas. Exactly what these changes might be is not detailed further.

There's also a new free reward track for Legion's online mode. Season 2 includes 80 progression ranks, with an increased number of cosmetic items to earn.