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Watch Dogs Legion will no longer be updated

Previous multiplayer seasons will repeat.

Watch Dogs Legion will no longer be updated, Ubisoft has said, and the game's current multiplayer season will be its last.

In a blog post flagged via social media on Friday evening, Ubisoft said that the game's 5.6 patch - released four months ago in September 2021 - was actually its final update.

The game's fifth and final multiplayer season, which began at the weekend, will now be followed by repeats of seasons three, four and five on a cycle until servers are eventually switched off.

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Set in a bleak post-Brexit London, Watch Dogs Legion arrived for PC, PlayStation and Xbox in October 2020 to lukewarm reviews. It has since received a selection of extra modes and characters (including one which is a neat Assassin's Creed crossover), a story expansion starring Watch Dogs 1 protagonist Aiden Pearce, plus a standalone zombies experience in Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead.

Legion hasn't lacked in post-launch support, then, but I wonder if Ubisoft had initially planned more. The official Watch Dogs Legion site has a "Year 1" tab detailing all of the above content - but it won't get a Year 2, unlike the more popular Assassin's Creed Valhalla, released around the same time.

Watch Dogs Legion creative director Clint Hocking has moved on, meanwhile, and is reportedly heading up a game team building a future Assassin's Creed project to be folded into Ubisoft's upcoming Assassin's Creed Infinity.

"Yes, it's fun to pootle around London," Vikki Blake wrote in Eurogamer's Watch Dogs Legion review. "Yes, it's exciting to step past the roped-off areas and explore such iconic landmarks and yes, I did enjoy it the more I played, particularly when I leapt off the predictable story path and made my own entertainment.

"But without a compelling story or any tangible improvements to the mighty standards set by Watch Dogs 2, Watch Dogs Legion is dark and unpleasant in more ways than one, and it doesn't matter how many protagonists a game boasts if you're unable to care about a single one of them."

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