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Dead Cells' creator's next game is Nuclear Blaze

"Unravel the truth behind the existence of Site 16 and A-[redacted]."

The creator of the acclaimed rogue-like action-platformer, Dead Cells, has revealed their next project: Nuclear Blaze.

Sébastien Bénard's Nuclear Blaze is expected to release on consoles on 28th April, 2023 and will set you back €15/$15 (sorry, I don't have UK specific pricing at the time of writing) for a digital copy, and €30/$30 if you fancy a physical copy on either Switch or PS4.

Nuclear Blaze | Release Date Announcement Trailer.Watch on YouTube

You'll have to jump over to Red Art Games to pre-order a physical copy, although by doing so, you'll secure a set of three "Exclusive Nuclear Balze enamel pins". Physical copies also include a booklet including an interview with Bénard and a keychain.

"A huge fire is raging and you are sent on the spot to stop it," teases the video description. "Business as usual for a highly-trained and experienced firefighter such as yourself. Air dropped right in the middle of this blazing inferno, your main mission objectives are to contain the fire, investigate its causes and look for survivors.

"The unexpected discovery of a secret military facility is quickly going to send a monkey wrench in your plans. Unravel the truth behind the existence of Site 16 and A-[redacted]. Access to that information may require authorisation clearance [redacted] and [redacted] though..."

Dead Cells recently threw open its doors to welcome another batch of familiar gaming faces - from indie favourites including Hotline Miami, Shovel Knight, Terraria, and Slay the Spire - in its new Everyone is Here Vol. 2 update on PC.