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Free-to-play mobile shooter The Division Resurgence gets "live test" tomorrow

For select players on Android.

Ubisoft's free-to-play mobile shooter The Division Resurgence is launching a closed-beta-style "live test" tomorrow, 8th December, for select participants on Android - and there's a new trailer to accompany the announcement.

Resurgence (not to be confused with Heartland, Ubisoft's upcoming free-to-play Division game for PC and consoles), will, like other titles in the series, be an open-world third-person shooter RPG set in post-crisis America - specifically, Manhattan - following a deadly virus outbreak.

Ubisoft's previous chatter around Resurgence has promised a fresh story campaign offering a "new perspective on key story events" from past The Division games, with players once again being cast as agents allied to the Strategic Homeland.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Division Resurgence: Official World Introduction Trailer
The Division Resurgence - Official World Introduction Trailer.

We got a brisk, and not especially flattering, look at Resurgence back in July, and now Ubisoft is opening the game up to players via a new live test. Running from 8th-22nd December, it'll give participants access to seven main missions, 12 side missions, four classes (one unlocking at Level 15), four open-world activities, daily and weekly quests, weekly targets, the Dark Zone, and a single-map Conflict mode.

The goal of the test, explains Ubisoft, is to give players an opportunity to share their feedback with the development team.

This limited live test will be open to select players on Android devices across Western European countries, and those wishing to get involved will first need to sign up for a chance to participate via Ubisoft's website. Additional live tests will follow.