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We've got a new look guides team for 2023

Congratulations to Jessica, welcoming Libbi - and a fond farewell to a friend.

With a couple of long, slow weeks left in 2022 it feels a bit premature to talk about 2023, but I just wanted to quickly let you know of some changes happening in the guides team in the new year.

The first, sad news is that Matt Reynolds is leaving us. Having joined the team in 2016 as guides editor, it's hard to overestimate the impact Matt's had on the site - his phenomenal guides work has propelled the site to its greatest traffic successes, and in the process helped everyone at Eurogamer keep doing what they do. He's overseen the Eurogamer podcast in one of its many guises, been a fun companion on many a Destiny raid and is a fellow Shenmue superfan. More than that he's a brilliant colleague whose enthusiasm and passion for games (and all things guides) has helped make working here so much fun. He'll be greatly missed, but we're all super excited for what's next for him.

There's plenty of fantastic news to help soften the blow, too. Since taking on the guides editor role earlier this year Lottie Lynn's excelled, and has been more than ably assisted by Jessica Orr who's expanded our guides offering and been generally brilliant to work with. So I'm pleased to say that Jessica's been promoted to senior guides writer, and we're bringing in Libbi Marie Pritchard - someone we've been a fan of for a while - as our new guides writer. They start their roles in the new year, so please join me in welcoming Libbi and congratulating Jessica - and wishing a fond farewell to Matt!

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