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Grab 16GB of Patriot DDR4-320 RAM for just £46.50 in this excellent eBay deal

Random Access Memories.

I wrote an article up a couple of weeks ago before the Black Friday rush about an excellent deal on some Corsair Vengeance DDR4 RAM, but now it looks like I've found a deal that offers even better value on a 16GB, 3200MT/s kit of Patriot Viper Steel RAM.

At this juncture, it's also worth noting the 3600MT/s version of the same RAM is only a couple of quid more expensive, if you want even faster RAM.

With that in mind though, this exact modelis a 3200MT/s CL16 kit, which is arguably the best spec for most people when it comes to price and performance. Go any lower and you'll be looking at rather sluggish speeds in CPU limited scenarios, such as gaming at high refesh rates, and paying out for speedier RAM may only net you a very small performance boost at a sometimes hefty cost.

16GB is perhaps the bare minimum for a competent multi-tasking system these days, given the spare headroom on offer that you don't get in smaller kits for fiddlier tasks such as content creation, editing or rendering workloads. While it is possible to edit with 8GB, 16GB doesn't half make a difference, and should be more than good enough in 3200MT/s form for most people's workloads.

As for looks, this is quite a suave yet purposeful looking RAM kit, with a silver and white heatsink, which looks great. There isn't any RGB here, and adding it to a RAM kit does bump up the price a fair amount, so if you're more about a clean and minimalistic-looking rig, this Patriot Viper Steel RAM should fit right in.

If you do need some more RAM to upgrade your system with, or you're building a new one and want to get a solid bang for the buck option, you certainly won't go wrong if you pick up this Patriot Viper Steel 16GB DDR4 kit.

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