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England's Jordan Pickford spotted carting PC setup abroad to play Fortnite

"Just trying to get the best frames and that."

Fortnite continues to be a fixture of England's World Cup squad, four years after the popular battle royale's celebration dances became a common sight on Russia's pitches.

This week, England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford was shown footage of himself lugging a monogrammed computer case to 2022's controversial Qatar tournament, as part of an official interview released on the England squad YouTube channel.

Pickford was asked what he was getting up to during his downtime - and, amongst other things, eventually revealed he was still hooked to Fortnite. (And no wonder - its freshly-minted Chapter 4 has reinvented the game.)

Fortnite's brand new Chapter 4 relaunch.Watch on YouTube

"Try and do recovery, feel good about yourself, whatever you need," Pickford said, discussing his life away from the pitch. "Spend some time with the lads... Fortnite," he continued. "Still on the Fortnite vibe."

Upon being shown footage of the PC case he brought with him to the World Cup, Pickford explained he had become tired of playing Fortnite on a laptop while away, in comparison to his PC setup at home.

Watch on YouTube

The solution? Have a powerful laptop built and stashed in a travel case, with a monitor to boot.

"Just trying to get the best frames and that," Pickford concluded.

Fortnite has not partnered officially with FIFA and the Qatar World Cup this year, choosing instead to release a series of customisable football player skins of its own making. Skins based on England's Harry Kane and France's Antoine Griezmann, first made available alongside the most recent European Championships, have also returned on sale.

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