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Twitch streamer plays Elden Ring with hands and feet simultaneously

Toe tapping.

Twitch streamer Miss Mikkaa is back at it with another Elden Ring challenge run.

Previously she beat FromSoftware's epic with one hand and then again using a dance pad as a controller.

Now she's playing the game with both hands and feet, simultaneously.

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That means one game on PS5 with a controller, and another on PC using a dance pad.

As part of the challenge, she must kill bosses on both games on the same try. In fact, dying in one game means she'll purposefully die in the other to maintain parity between both runs.

It's an incredible feat of coordination and multi-tasking - not only playing Elden Ring, but doing it twice while also interacting with Twitch chat.

So far Miss Mikkaa has got as far as Margit the fell Omen, the game's biggest early challenge. Although the biggest enemy so far has been gravity.

This year has seen a plethora of Elden Ring challenge runs - including an extension of The God Run - but this 2 Elden Ring 1 Girl challenge might be the most ambitious yet.

And who knows what's yet to come as Miyazaki has teased more Elden Ring is on the way.

You can follow Miss Mikkaa's run on her Twitch channel.

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