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Twitch streamer dancing through Elden Ring with a dance pad

Do the Macarenia.

Not content with completing Elden Ring with one hand, Twitch streamer MissMikkaa is now playing through the game on a dance pad.

With all the bizarre ways of playing, this feels inevitable right?

The one-handed run was already an impressive feat - especially as it was quickly followed by a one-handed level one All Remembrance run - but now she's playing with her feet instead.

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The dance pad, of course, doesn't have the same number of buttons as a controller, so there's been some adapting. Camera control, for instance, is handled periodically directly on PC.

Tricky platform is made even tougher with foot taps and when things get spicy with multiple enemies it sure looks akin to a dance.

The run is still ongoing, but MissMikkaa is already a long way through the game, having beaten the likes of Godrick, Rykard, Radahn, and Morgott, and arrived at the far east of the map.

Surely Malenia will require some serious Dance Dance Revolution skills?

You can watch the dance pad playthrough on her Twitch stream.

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