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Streamer completes Elden Ring one-handed level one run

A new legendary tarnished.

Twitch streamer Miss Mikkaa has beaten Elden Ring single-handedly.

No really - she's beaten all Remembrances with just one hand and at level one.

And that includes the formidable Malenia.

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This isn't the first time the streamer has beaten the game with one hand.

That she achieved at the end of July, beating all bosses in a one-handed run. She shared a clip of the final winning moment on Twitter.

Not content, Miss Mikkaa then went on to do the same thing but at level one. That means not levelling up her character throughout the game.

After a tweet of her defeating Malenia in this way went viral, she's finally beaten the game's final boss. It's an incredibly impressive feat, when some of us struggled to beat the game using a controller normally... with two hands.

"I did it! I beat Elden Ring All Remembrances Level 1 with ONE HAND! Also included most other difficult bosses like Alecto and Crucible Knight duo. This was such a fun challenge! Malenia took the longest for sure," she said.

Elden Ring has generated plenty of interest among speedrunners and challengers, from legendary assistant Let Me Solo Her, to using weird controllers, and beating the game in under ten minutes.

You can watch Miss Mikkaa beat Elden Ring one-handed on her Twitch stream.

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