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Streamer mods Fisher Price controller to play Elden Ring

Child's play.

Elden Ring has now been played with a Fisher Price controller.

New Zealand streamer Rudeism (aka Dylan Beck) is known for his controller tinkering and, after a jokey Twitter post from Wario 64, took on the challenge of modifying the kids controller.

Over two weeks, he modified the Fisher Price controller into a working Xbox controller and showed off his creation with a spot of Elden Ring.

Cover image for YouTube videoElden Ring Side Quests for dummies: Side Quests You Need to do - Elden Ring PS5 Gameplay

Beck used a clone of an Arduino Pro Microcontroller inside the controller and reassigned the various button inputs.

Best of all, the controller retains all the sound effects and lights of the Fisher Price toy controller. That includes a little jingle when the control stick is clicked.

One major caveat is the lack of right stick, start, or menu buttons. Instead, the yellow slider alters inputs, allowing the stick to control the camera and the face buttons to enter menus.

Beck is no stranger to weird controllers. Last year he completed Dark Souls 3 with one button, all in the name of accessibility.