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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2's mid-season update has been plagued with issues

High tides.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 players have reported several issues since the release of the game's mid-season update: "Season 1 Reloaded".

The update introduced a new version of fan-favourite map Shipment, the game's first ever raid level called Atomgrad, and a limited-time Warzone Cup mode which is effectively a copy of Rocket League but with ATVs.

But it also brought with a whole host of bugs and glitches.

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First, after installing the patch, players found their custom weapon builds completely wiped. Some lost one or two of their builds, while others unfortunately lost all of them. Infinity Ward later identified the issue to be caused by equipping gold camos for those specific loadouts.

In a related issue, players have also reportedly lost all weapon camo progression, creating quite a bit of resentment social media channels given the amount of time it takes to unlock these. Infinity Ward reported to have fixed this issue citing a UI issue.

But other issues still persist.

Some players launching the game post-update are met with a "Dev Error 11557." Infinity Ward suggests players encountering this error reinstall the game, but that's no easy feat given the 200GB+ file size of the game.

Finally, players may be unable to matchmake if they resume the game from a suspended state on consoles.

The consensus amongst COD players seems to be that Infinity Ward is being outstretched, having released Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, Warzone 2.0, and DMZ in quick succession with little time to polish off development scuffs.

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