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Days Gone director says Sony Bend "punched way above [its] weight" on game's release

Studio "has a small but incredibly talented engineering team."

The discourse around Days Gone continues.

Last week, former Days Gone director John Garvin controversially stated the reason the game didn't receive universal acclaim was because of "woke reviewers" and reviewers who "couldn't be bothered to actually play the game".

In addition to these unusual remarks, Garvin also threw the game's programmers under the bus, blaming Days Gone's "tech issues" such as "bugs, streaming and frame rate" for its middling reception.

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In response to these claims, Bend Studio publicly stated that it did not share the sentiments of its former creative director, and now fellow Days Gone director Jeff Ross has added in his two cents worth on the matter.

In a series of tweets, Ross said Bend Studio "has a small but incredibly talented engineering team who punched way above their weight class to finish Days Gone," clearly wanting to defend the programmers.

"One engineer single-handedly coded all sound, music, weapon, melee combat, and localisation systems," Ross continued. "Another engineer was SINGULARLY responsible for all animation systems, physics, the motorcycle, AND the horde - which is just insane."

The director finished by stating "there were many more just as talented."

Both Garvin and Ross have now moved on from Bend Studio and Days Gone. These moves came after Sony reportedly decided not to greenlight a sequel.

Ross is now at Tomb Raider studio Crystal Dynamics, while Garvin is working on a NFT game called Ashfall.

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