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The Falconeer gets a surprise PC VR update

"Merry Christmas from Tomas Sala!"

In a surprise update to mark the holidays, award-winning developer Tomas Sala has rolled out a free PC VR patch for The Falconeer.

"The Falconeer in VR expands the boundaries of the Great Ursee offering fully immersive views of the oceanic world in 3D VR," explains publisher, Wired Productions.

The Falconeer | Steam VR Reveal | Trailer.Watch on YouTube

"Soar through the skies aboard a majestic warbird, engage in epic aerial dogfights, and take on the role of Falconeer, a powerful airborne warrior traversing a vast world torn apart by generations of poisonous decisions and dissent, through a new and unique perspective."

If you've yet to give The Falconeer's aerial combat a go, now just may be a good time; you can now pick up the game - with that aforementioned free VR upgrade - for 60 per cent off the usual retail price from now until 20th December, 2022.

The Falconeer is developed by the Amsterdam-based Tomas Sala, who Bertie interviewed back in February of last year.

"I love that we live in a world where there's a launch title like this," Bertie wrote in Eurogamer's The Falconeer review. "In a world of compromised visions, The Falconeer is dazzlingly original. An aerial combat game unlike any other."

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