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Modern Warfare 2 players have found a new all-black skin that will make the game worse than it already is

Meet "Roze 2.0."

If there's one universal truth about Call of Duty players, it's that they will spend as much money as needed to get even the slightest advantage over their peers. They would rather rage quit than be embarrassed by death.

So when Activision releases a premium skin bundle that makes it as difficult as possible for you to been seen by opponents, players will buy it in droves.

A new operator skin designed by Call of Duty eSports team LA Thieves puts players in an all-black outfit, allowing them to hide in shadows for some poor soul to pass by.

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The new skin has been labelled as "Roze 2.0", which is a reference to the Roze skin released for the original Warzone and Modern Warfare (2019). At the time, the skin made the visibility of players wearing the skin so difficult, developer Raven Software had to edit how it looked and increase the skin's contrast.

But now the skin has effectively made a return. I can't decide if this simply an oversight by the team when creating the skin for the cunning eSports team, or a blatant choice by Activision knowing full well it will be a revenue driver.

CharlieIntel has noted that the £8.39 microtransaction is number 11 in the Steam best selling charts, beating hundreds of full games.

Time will tell as to whether Infinity Ward and Raven Software will be forced to edit the skin, just as it did in the previous game.

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