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Sonic Prime Netflix animation will premiere in Roblox this week

Head start.

The new Netflix animation Sonic Prime will premiere this week in Roblox.

The first episode will be shown on Saturday 10th December at 3pm UK time (10am EST) in Sonic Speed Simulator, developed by metaverse gaming company Gamefam.

It will be available to watch until 16th December, by which time the series will have launched on Netflix (15th December).

Sonic Prime | Official Trailer Watch on YouTube

Sonic Speed Simulator launched March 2022 and was the biggest game launch in Roblox history, surpassing 275,000 concurrent players in its first week.

It has since become the number one most popular branded experience on Roblox.

Sonic Prime was teased back in September, but a fresh trailer was released last month that showed off its multiverse storyline.

Expect to see Sonic in multiple worlds, including a cyberpunk metropolis with bionic Tails, pirate Knuckles, ancient tribes, and a whole Eggman family. Check out the trailer above.

All of this will surely be a test for Sega’s new Sonic lore manager - a position it’s currently hiring for.

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