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Sonic Prime trailer shows a multiverse of new frontiers

Zone to zone.

Netflix has released a new trailer for the forthcoming Sonic Prime, revealing its multiverse storyline.

Back in September, the first teaser trailer showed Sonic racing against Shadow in the Green Hill Zone.

Now, though, it seems Sonic will be travelling across a shattered multiverse - check it out in the trailer below.

Sonic Prime | Official TrailerWatch on YouTube

Yes, that's Sonic in some sort of cyberpunk metropolis world with a bionic Tails. I'm absolutely here for it.

There's also a pirate world, ancient tribes, and a whole Eggman family.

The animated series will arrive on Netflix on 15th December - I for one cannot wait.

That gives plenty of time to play through Sonic Frontiers, the latest game in the series.

It may still have "a long way to go" according to the game's director, but it's set a new concurrent player record for the series on Steam.

"Gaze upon this new frontier and it's clear this is no Sonic of the Wild, or Elden Hedgehog," Alan Wen wrote in Eurogamer's Sonic Frontiers review. "Despite the joys offered, Sonic Frontiers is a hot mess of a reinvention that can't commit to its new direction."