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Sonic Frontiers sets series' new Steam concurrent player record

Spring to new heights.

Sonic Frontiers is off to a great start on Steam, setting a new concurrent player record for the series.

According to SteamDB, the game's all-time peak is at 19,181 concurrent players.

The previous record was set by Sonic Mania around five years ago, with 11,937 concurrent players.

Sonic Frontiers - The DF Tech Review - Every Version Tested - PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Switch!

Earlier this year, the release of Sonic Origins managed just 2668 concurrent players. Sonic Frontiers is certainly the most popular Sonic release on Steam for some time, then.

On Steam, the game currently holds an overwhelmingly positive rating, with fans detailing their praise in reviews.

"Big the Cat appears," reads one review, seemingly high praise enough.

"This game feels like greeting an old friend back into your life," reads another review, while another describes the game as "a Sonic game with Metal Gear Rising boss fights and if that doesn't sell you nothing will".

Our review of Sonic Frontiers was more critical, describing it as "a hot mess of a reinvention that can't commit to its new direction".

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Sonic Frontiers

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