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Sonic has never felt freer thanks to new momentum options in Sonic Frontiers

Gotta go faster.

An update to Sonic Frontiers has added extra momentum options in addition to a new spin dash, making the blue blur more satisfying than ever to control.

The update was launched after last week's Sonic Central showcase to celebrate the hedgehog's birthday.

Fans have praised the new options and have been sharing some wild stunts on social media.

Sonic Frontiers: Sonic's Birthday Bash Update TrailerWatch on YouTube

One of the biggest criticisms of Sonic Frontiers was the lack of momentum in Sonic's movement.

The newly-added options include a deceleration slider for after Sonic's jump, meaning he can now run, boost and leap without losing momentum.

These fresh options can be found in the gameplay menu:

Sonic Frontiers deceleration options notification
Sonic Frontiers deceleration options menu
The new options are in the gameplay menu.

With the spin dash - that allows Sonic to reach top speed incredibly quickly - and momentum options, players are now speeding around the Starfall Islands with newfound freedom.

I had to try it myself and concur Sonic is now exhilarating to control. I've always wanted a game that mimics the freedom of the Sonic CD animated opening and this is the closest we've come yet.

What's more, these new moves can be used to find shortcuts in the Cyberspace levels, bypassing whole swathes of level design.

Another addition is the ability to disable cinematic camera angles, giving players more control over their view. It makes a huge difference to combat.

In short, these options turn Sonic Frontiers into a new game - if you've been thinking of picking it up, or returning to it, now is certainly the time. There's always New Game+ too.

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