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Next Sonic Frontiers update will reinstate the Spin Dash

Blue blur.

Sonic Frontiers didn't include the hedgehog's signature Spin Dash move, but that's set to change in the next free update.

Sonic Team provided a load of alternative moves in Frontiers to expand Sonic's combat options - presumably the Spin Dash just didn't fit.

Now a dataminer has found references to the Spin Dash in the latest update, which has seemingly been corroborated by the game's director Morio Kishimoto.

Sonic Frontiers: Sights, Sounds, and Speed TrailerWatch on YouTube

Dataminer Kirol Seych found references to the Spin Dash in the Sights, Sounds, and Speed update that was released at the end of March and shared their findings with Kishimoto on Twitter (thanks TheGamer).

The director then replied "Oh my God, you found out!" (via Google translate). He then explained the team tried to include the move in the first update but decided against it as it didn't meet expectations.

After a further response from Kirol Seych thanking the director for his work, Kishimoto responded further by explaining he decided to take on the challenge of including the Spin Dash after feedback from fans.

Sonic's Spin Dash was first introduced in Sonic 2, allowing the hedgehog to initiate a burst of speed from a crouched position. It's since become an iconic move.

When it does arrive in Sonic Frontiers, it looks like it will be initiated with a pull and release of the left trigger and will use the boost gauge. It can also be triggered in the air and activated when landing.

Sights, Sounds, and Speed was the first of three updates due for Sonic Frontiers. The second isn't yet dated, but will celebrate Sonic's birthday which is in June. It will also add open zone challenges and new Koco.

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