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Sega's holding a showcase this Friday to mark Sonic the Hedgehog's birthday

For a "sneak peek" at projects coming in 2023.

Happy almost-birthday Sonic and your plimsolls of wonder! The blue blur is celebrating another year of not being Bubsy the Bobcat this Friday 23rd June, and Sega is marking the occasion with a special Sonic Central showcase of announcements and things.

This Friday more specifically marks 32 years since Sonic's western debut on Sega Mega Drive, which technically (if I have my hedgehog lore right) means he'll be celebrating his 47th birthday given his age in the first game. So before his back gives out completely, Sega will presumably be keen to shove as many announcement out as possible.

Friday's Sonic Central, then, is promising a "sneak peek of some of our upcoming projects, partnerships, and events happening in 2023".

Could we get a release date for the recently announced Sonic Superstars?Watch on YouTube

That'll almost certainly include an extended look at - and possibly even a release date for - Sega's newly announced side-scrolling platformer Sonic Superstars, plus more on (and a same day drop for?) Sonic Frontiers' DLC 2. We might even get a further tease of Sonic Prime's second batch of episodes ahead their Netflix arrival on 13th July.

Beyond that, we'll have to wait and see, but those eager to learn more should note down Friday, 23th June at 4pm BST/8am PST, when Sonic Central airs via YouTube and Twitch.

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