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Sonic Prime's second batch of episodes comes to Netflix in July

Shadow drop.

If you've been gripped to your seat in agonised anticipation since blasting through the first eight episodes of Sonic Prime back in December, you'll no doubt be thrilled to hear the next lot is coming to Netflix on 13th July.

When Sonic Prime was announced back in February 2021, Netflix described it as a 24-episode animated series that would send Sonic on a "journey of self-discovery and redemption" in which the "fate of a strange new multiverse" was in his hands.

Sonic Prime's initial batch of episodes saw Sonic traversing the Shatterverse - a collection of alternative dimensions formed after Dr. Eggman's Paradox Prism was destroyed in battle - in a quest to restore the universe, all with a little help from different versions of his familiar friends.

Sonic Prime's first set of episodes hit Netflix last December.Watch on YouTube

The final episode ended on a cliffhanger, with Sonic being attacked by Shadow in the Void, so expect things to pick up from there as the saga continues.

Netflix hasn't yet revealed how many episodes will feature in Sonic Prime's second outing but, based on its initial batch, it seems reasonable to assume the streaming service is planning to run its 24 commissioned episodes across three series of eight. We'll know more when Sonic Prime returns to the Shatterverse on 13th July.