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First free Sonic Frontiers DLC due this week

Expect sights, sounds and speed.

The first free DLC update for Sonic Frontiers will arrive this week.

Titled Sights, Sounds and Speed Update, it will be rolled out on 23rd March at 12am UK time.

So what's included? Back in November, Sega revealed its 2023 road map for the game including three DLC updates. This will be the first one.

Cover image for YouTube videoSonic Frontiers - The DF Tech Review - Every Version Tested - PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Switch!
Sonic Frontiers - The DF Tech Review

That road map has a juke box, a photo mode, and new challenge modes as part of the first update - and that certainly fits with the Sights, Sounds and Speed Update name.

The update will in fact add two challenge modes: Cyber Space Challenge and Battle Rush, both available from the title screen post-completion. Cyber Space Challenge is a time attack mode completing multiple cyber space levels. Battle Rush is a timed battle mode against multiple guardians.

The photo mode, meanwhile, is fairly self-explanatory, and the jukebox will provide access to 53 songs, though these will need to be unlocked by collecting Sound Memories on each island.

Sonic Frontiers sound memory collection

The second update will celebrate Sonic's birthday, so expect that around June time. It will also include an Open Zone Challenge and new Koco.

Lastly, the third update will bring new playable characters and story. Its image includes Tails, Knuckles and Amy, though it's unclear if these are the actual playable characters.

Back in February, we reported Sonic Frontiers had sold 2.9m copies worldwide.

That's plenty of players who will be eager for more Sonic open zone action. Looking further ahead, Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka said Sonic Frontiers is the "cornerstone of future Sonic games".