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Nintendo announces Smash Bros. Sephiroth and Kazuya amiibo release date

Xenoblade Chronicles 2's Pyra and Mythra to follow.

There may be no more new characters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (and series creator Masahiro Sakurai can finally take a bit of a break), but that doesn't mean the series is quite finished yet.

For fans looking to complete their amiibo collection, there's now an official release date for Final Fantasy 7's Sephiroth and Tekken's Kazuya Mishima.

Minecraft's Steve and Alex were the most recent amiibo to be released, after they were delayed to September earlier this year.

Kazuya's reveal trailer - even the cute charms of Kirby won't stop him from being thrown off a cliff.Watch on YouTube

Sephiroth and Kazuya will be released on 13th January. The announcement was made on Twitter, accompanied by videos showing the figurines off. Sephiroth of course has his signature one wing, and his sword Masamune is sticking out from beneath those billowing, luscious locks. Kazuya is in his regular form, complete with a red left pupil (those eyebrows are on fleek too).

Pyra and Mythra will also be released at some point next year, with Nintendo yet to release more specifics about when they can be expected.

This just leaves one fighter left to be announced officially for the Smash Bros. amiibo line. We've heard nothing about an amiibo for Sora from Kingdom Hearts, who was added as the final DLC character in October last year.