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Planet survival sim Stranded: Alien Dawn's first "major" early access update is here

New dawn.

The first "major" early access update for planet survival game, Stranded: Alien Dawn, is now available.

The update ushers in two new difficulty levels, a new "yet unforgiving" biome, Desertum, which is said to offer "its own unique challenges", and new survivor Sora Satoh, who boasts "enhanced combat skills and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures".

You can check out details about the new content below:

Stranded: Alien Dawn | Dunes and Moons | Early Access Update #1 Out Now.Watch on YouTube

That's not all. There'll also be three new moons - Jason, Nyx, and Chaos - with each one bringing "an influence on gameplay events".

"Early access players can now explore the Desertum biome, a new alien environment that will put your group of marooned survivors to the test," the team at Haemimont Games teases. "Desertum’s rocky, orange-hued landscape will present a unique challenge for you, with scarce plant life and soil quality requiring a strategic approach to ensure your survivors can truly thrive.

"With its own native flora and fauna, as well as unpredictable weather events including dust storms, you must utilise the resources within Desertum to make it through the wet and dry seasons to transform your crash site into a bustling base."

Stranded: Alien Dawn is a planet survival sim placing the "fate of a small marooned group in your hands". Whilst only out in early access for a few months, it currently boasts a "very positive" score on Steam aggregated from almost two thousand reviewers.

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